The Koala Pouch


  Koala Fur

Koala fur

Koala Paws

Front Paw

Sharp curved claws for climbing. If they were straight the Koala would not be able to grip.

Koalas are the only animals other than humans who each have an entirely unique fingerprint.

Two thumbs give the Koala a stronger grip.

Rear Paw

Two toes fused together with individual claws for grooming. 

Thumb with no claw stabilises the Koala acting like a suction cup.

What is the difference between southern and northern Koalas?

Southern Koalas

Southern Koalas are bigger. The female will be between 7kg and 11kg and the male between 9kg and 15kg.

Southern Koalas have longer greyish brown fur because of the cooler weather in the south.

Our southern Koalas breeding season is between the end of August and the end of February and gives birth between October and April.

Northern Koalas

The northern Koala female will be between 4kg and 7kg whilst the male will be between 4kg and 9kg.

Northern Koalas have shorter light grey fur because of the warmer climate.

The northern Koalas breed between June and December and give birth between November and February.

Koala Caecum

A caecum is part of the digestive tract.

Like humans, the Koala has a caecum. Unlike humans the Koala’s caecum is very long, 200cm long in fact.

The caecum contains millions of bacteria which break down the fibrous gum leaves which form the Koalas diet but they still only absorb 25% of the fibre eaten. This is the reason Koalas sleep for up to 22 hours a day.

The length of the caecum means that what a Koala eats today can take between 5 and 7 days to travel through the caecum can emerge as a scat (that’s poop to you and me).


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