Little Aussie Friends Teabag holder


The ‘Little Aussie Friends’ koala teabag holder gives you somewhere to pop your used teabag whilst it cools down enough to dispose of.

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‘Little Aussie Friends’ teabag holder.

Love a cup of tea but not the used tea bag?

There are a couple of ways you can get your used teabag to the bin or composter.

Which method do you use?

Do you run to the bin or the sink with hot tea dripping onto your hand from the bag?
or do you carefully balance your used teabag on a spoon over your cup as you head for the bin?

The useful ‘Little Aussie Friends’ teabag holder will put an end to both.

It can sit wherever you make your cup of tea ready to pop the used bag onto.

Made from 100% Melamine

Length 9.5cm
Wide 7.5cm

Weight 0.02 kg
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