1300KOALAZ Hotline Operator

The first point of contact in a koala rescue.

We are always in need of 1300KOALAZ hotline operators.

This is one of the most important roles on the team. You will receive training, work from your own home and shifts start from just 4 hours.

Koala Food Tree Planting

From time to time we purchase eucalyptus trees to plant to replace those lost through land clearing and urbanisation.

You can volunteer to help us with the planting or if you have some land or a large property you can volunteer part of it for us to plant trees on.

Koala Rescuer

Periodically we require new rescuers to join our team.

Ideally a koala rescuer will have good availability and be reasonably fit. We provide ongoing training and a mentoring programme to ensure a rescuer is confident before going solo.


Service Areas: Adelaide and Adelaide Hills and Country

Contact Us

Please call for emergency rescue