1300KOALAZ Adelaide & Hills Koala Rescue

We are very proud to have SAVEM on-board with us.

The majority of our Koala rescuers are SAVEM trained volunteers. 1300KOALAZ is the only SA SAVEM trained Koala rescuers to assist in emergency management such as bushfires and other natural disasters.

Have a look at SAVEM’s Rachel Westacott and a few of our 1300KOALAZ volunteers in full get up. Let’s hope our volunteers are not needed this year during bushfire season.

Our banners are popping up around Adelaide and the Hills as we remind people they are in koala habitat areas.

We ask that people slow their speed as koalas move around more, especially between dusk and dawn.

It also gives the number to call if you see a sick, injured, orphaned or distressed koala.